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Alive Bars mod by Michael Orloff
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Auteur:  Michael Orloff [ 17 Mar 2012, 19:37 ]
Sujet du message:  Alive Bars mod by Michael Orloff

Hello! I am Michael Orloff, and I an author this mod. What's new in it? My mod is a part of a good Family Alive ( - my name's Михаил Орлов). In Alive Bars mod v.28: 6 opened locations (bar Salieri, bar Morello, bar from Intro, bar Italian Garden, service Luca's Bertone & house Tommy's from extrime) and 27 mini-missions for Tom's, of course.

Page at site -
Readme in English -

So, missions:
- from don Salieri's, of course: kill Morello!
- from Lucas to Big Dig (day/night),
- from Joe's,
- kill prokuror's and his banda,
- killer mission,
- mission in hospital,
- mission in bank with Paulie's,
- mission from Frankie,
- mission "kill a dog's Sergio" ,
- mission from guys Salieri,
- mission-police,
- mission-medic in freeride-day (see you at hospital),
- mission-fire (see you at fire station in Little Italy),
- mission-RACE (day/night),
- and others...

I hope that in this, and let him have the old 28 version, will find something interesting for you, until it finally released the 30th part... In addition to the mini-missions to modify ABM I laid some curious things, so it was fun, because without humor is nowhere. Find them, no?



1. Download here
2. Old version 28.07
3. Automatic install

The final version - 30.0 (in development).

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Auteur:  Michael Orloff [ 18 Juil 2017, 19:03 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Alive Bars mod v.28.14

Hello everyone, comrades! Just updated the links to the current - on the site and in this sujet (only maintenant), so who wants to, can check out a new version of the mod :)

New captures d'écran:
Image Image

New video about new version:

Updated links in the first post. Obsolete replaced with the current. Merci!
P.S. If someone does a French let's-play, I will be very, very grateful!

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Auteur:  Jayjay2005 [ 27 Oct 2017, 13:46 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Alive Bars mod v.28.14

Hello :)

why not for test, first time I must reinstall Mafia :)

Auteur:  Michael Orloff [ 16 Avr 2018, 14:31 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Alive Bars mod v.28.14

Jayjay2005 a écrit:
why not for test, first time I must reinstall Mafia :)

Hello! :)
So what was the matter for? No problem - do a test of my mod :wink:

Why rebuild the Mafia?
Just copy the files from the mod to the clean one in the folder with the Mafia.
To remove a mod from the Mafia-folder, just delete the same files and folders from the game-folder.

Good luck! :merci:

About updates for version 28.15 (latest this year):
- fixed the script of the BTR seller;
- changed the script of the taxi driver;
- changed the scripts of the behavior of enemies, maintenant they are even more alive;
- changed the behavior of the truck driver in the Rab. quarter;
- the arrest script is slightly modified;
- The demoman's mission was changed;
- maintenant the kamikaze on the truck will not often attack Tommy;
- a small cant was fixed when recruiting more than 1 million for a mission of a medic or firefighter;
- the saving script was changed in the boxes;
- Added two additional. save slot for tel. booths and bar Salieri;
- Added save slots for races (day and night);
- Added a hangover to the mission in the truck;
- maintenant Salieri's warehouse is guarded by its guys, they appear when hiring bodyguards from traffic and leave when refusing the services of the brothers;
- in the Championship mode, the Morello brothers ride a gig like a dude :mrgreen:
- a timer was added to the missions of the medic and firefighter to stimulate the player to pass better and faster, time (6 minutes) should be enough for many;
- fixed a non-critical error in the case of the death of Frank before talking with Tommy - maintenant the mission will start automatically;
- Fixed a bug in version 28.14, when the rider did not reach the finish line at the pumping station, but got out ahead of time from the cars;
- the most optimized all scripts, especially for old PCs, as far as possible.

Tips for passing:
If you left the taxi ahead of time, then the next time you hired a taxi, the driver could suddenly take a gas... Maybe the teapot forgot to turn it off or something :D Sometimes it happens, it just reaches the previous place and stops... Fig knows why, but so even in my opinion is more realistic. Then he behaves quite the script, without tricks. But for sure it was all right, you can specifically allow you to arrest any cop - Tommy will then be at the police station, and the taxi driver's script will be updated.

Je vous souhaite un passage réussi à tous! :)

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Auteur:  Michael Orloff [ 15 Mai 2018, 22:25 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Alive Bars mod by Michael Orloff

Upd. mod to v.28.17 - other versions will not be :roll:
Next version only 30 - in development.
Manual in English, if you need - ... esmich.pdf
Download mod (direct, constant link) -
Bonne chance! :P

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